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Why “Clarity and Performance”?


Seeing accurately the situation, the alternatives, opportunities, resources, obstacles, the goal and the path.


Bringing the best of oneself to choosing goals and working to meet them

Coaching & Mentoring

A synergistic partnership of client and mentor-coach aimed at helping the client achieve clarity about their values and views, obtain advanced and new skills – working together to manifest the client’s values and achieve his or her goals. (See examples of coaching goals here.)

About Robert Goldmann

Business and personal mentor and coach since 2002. Formerly CEO of three companies, largest having 1100 employees and over $100 million in revenues. Mindfulness instructor and facilitator of groups dealing with life threatening illness; speaker and leader of workshops on self-management, mindfulness and business strategy. Author of the book, Act from Choice, a self-management handbook. (More about Robert here.)

Coach Robert Goldmann