Business Coaching

Want an objective, independent sounding board?

Want the business model to work better; to design a better model?

Photographers, other artists: build the business and profitability while maintaining artistic integrity?

Want to increase profits, improve cash flow?

Professionals: Increase billings, reduce office hours, have more balance?

Want to get staff, investors, other stakeholders to support the plan wholeheartedly; to improve teamwork?

Want to accelerate learning, acquire new skills to handle the new job?

Want to improve relationships with boss, peers, subordinates, patients, clients, customers?

Want to design or survive a re-organization, turnaround or restructuring?

New job? Accelerate learning and acquire new skills?

Want to be successful at work and have a well-balanced life?

Personal Coaching

Put more meaning and balance in your life; greater happiness, better relationships, more money?

Want to identify and reach your most important goals? Know how but need to identify and get past obstacles?

Objectives set in the past though achieved are not satisfying? Want to set and achieve more meaningful objectives—to achieve long -term satisfaction/happiness?

Facing the illness of a loved-one and not sure what to do, how to be?

Want life to reflect your values, not someone else’s; to be good at setting boundaries?

Live by your values not theirs; learn to set appropriate boundaries?

Facing a major transition and want help with how to do it: opportunities, huge changes, loss and grief?

Want to learn to be effective in the face of fear?

Define needs and goals; learn how to get them met?

Build on past successes’ set and achieve meaningful, stretch goals?

Coach Robert Goldmann