“Robert began helping me at a time our company had just begun a major round of fund raising. He helped me to the conclusion that the business plan on which the fund raising was based probably wouldn’t work, and would cause me no end of grief personally if we went through with the fund raising on that basis. We withdrew the business plan, went for lower funding based on different promises, restructured the company, and ultimately sold it. It was the best of the likely outcomes. Robert stayed with us throughout this process. I was amazed that, although Robert had no experience in our industry, after only two weeks he was able to raise issues particular to our industry and situation. He says he has a method for understanding businesses, and I believe him. His questioning leads to new perspectives, yet he observes the highest standards of objectivity, and appears to be completely non-judgmental about how I might interpret what we found out together; it was clear he would support us no matter what path I took. I recommend him whenever I can. He won’t oversell you on what he can do, and he’ll over-deliver.” – Technology company CEO, West Coast

 “Robert Goldmann is an executive mentor/coach I have brought to several organizations over the years.  He is an MIT-trained engineer, former CEO, and now for over a dozen years has been working with CEOs and senior leaders as a mentor/coach. As a several-time CEO, he brings a lot of practical, real-world context and unusual breadth. He doesn’t fit the just-hear-them-out coaching model. He is impatient and focused on performance, organizational effectiveness, and disciplined execution. He also has experience in helping organizations define roles and procedures to improve their ability to execute. He has provided successful mentoring/coaching to an array of high-growth companies. A Senior VP of engineering to whom I referred Robert has continued their working relationship as his career accelerated through two subsequent companies over seven years. I know that Robert has worked with other clients for even longer.

“Oh, and he literally wrote the book — Act from Choice —  on changing troublesome, seemingly intractable behaviors.”  —Top people officer, numerous public and private technology companies, Mid-West and West Coast

“His remarkable executive experience joined with his spiritual journey make for an irresistible quality of competence and compassion. I am pleased to report that my practice is now on track for increased profitability and cash flow, while I experience an even deeper level of harmony between who I am and the way I pursue my profession.” – Attorney, West Coast

“When I started coaching with Robert I was under a never-ending cloud caused by a terminating marriage, an abrogated contract with my primary income source, a bewildering array of new business ideas, and a lymphoma diagnosis. Robert got me focused on using my strengths and managing around and through the minefield of my weaknesses to cull those business ideas, restore my income (done!) and get back to working on the areas of my life that are most important to me. He is superbly skilled and especially well schooled in financial and personal management. I wish he was my oncologist!” – Entrepreneur, Northeast

“I began coaching shortly after the sudden death of my husband after 30 years of a traditional marriage, and with his passing, discovering that we were deeply in debt with no income or cash. Robert called it a “train wreck.” He helped me get past my emotions and focused on doing all the things that needed to be done. At the same time he encouraged me to take the time to grieve. After dealing with over 40 credit card companies, and preparing our house for sale, I now have a plan for the rest of my life, including a new career that builds on my talents and experience from so long ago. Best of all, I’m looking forward to it. I’m grateful for Robert’s help in keeping me grounded, and reminding me to take time to be with myself. He has a rare combination of compassion, skill, insight, focus and objectivity. He seems to always deliver what I need, exactly when I need it. He kept me together and he also made me laugh when that was very hard to do.” – Widow, Southwest

“My income and relationships were unsatisfactory because I couldn’t seem to get out of my comfort zone. Robert helped me discover, identify, and work around my Gremlins [those beasts that tell us things are worse than they are, will never be better, and that we don’t deserve better anyway; that we can’t do it, and it will never work]. More importantly, Robert helped me to start living my life in Integrity. Robert’s wisdom, patience, and love have moved me forward, so that I now experience my life more fully and pursue my goals.” – Financial Services Executive, Southwest

“Robert is a rare combination of deep business and spiritual wisdom and insight. His generosity and the level of investment he makes in the people he works with is evident from the word go. I feel blessed to have encountered Robert along my path.” – CEO of a training development consultancy, Southwest

“He is able to help people understand themselves better and gives them productive feedback and methods to help them live more productive, balanced, and meaningful lives. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to transform their world and see it from a different perspective. He has also developed some great presentations on self-development and I would highly recommend him for groups looking for a motivational speaker.” – Owner of organizational development consultancy, Southwest

“Robert nudged me forward through a host of fears, supported me in making decisions, and negotiated my buy-in to reliable disciplines that had held little urgency for me in the past. Goal-setting and time management automatically took on greater importance as my personal stakes got raised. Just recently, I’ve found I can now even laugh at the internal voice that still sometimes whines, ‘This is all so hard!’”– Marketing executive, Southwest

Coach Robert Goldmann